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Yeovil Vision

For three years Alan Brown was responsible for the direction and leadership of Yeovil Vision, a Public / Private Partnership established to transform the strategically significant West Country Town of Yeovil.

Yeovil is an ambitious town of some 44,000 residents which has a strong manufacturing base and looks forward to the future with the strap line “the heart of the country the mind of a city”.

In Yeovil Alan worked closely with the “Galaxy Group” an informal partnership of twenty stakeholders who were committed to the regeneration of the Town. This powerful local network included representatives from the CVS, Yeovil College, Yeovil District Hospital, South Somerset Homes, Chamber of Commerce, Primary Care Trust and Agusta Westlands (the international helicopter manufacturer)

Key aspects of Alan’s work was the need to maintain a balance between Town and Countryside with potentially 11,000 new homes being proposed over the next twenty years by the Regional Spatial Strategy.

Key public sector stakeholders included Town, District, and County Councils, and South West RDA.

The role required the co-ordination, organisation, direction and implementation of a portfolio of up to 20 projects and activities to bring about a significant programme of regeneration and renewal.

“For the Vision to have credibility it must demonstrate that it can make a real difference to the people and future of Yeovil. My key priority is to move projects from the “drawing board” to actual delivery thereby turning the Vision into a reality”.

Alan Brown