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Welsh Local Government Association

Alan was an Associate Consultant of the Welsh Local Government Association helping them deliver the 21st Century School Building Programme.

The 21st Century Schools Programme is an ambitious collaboration between the Welsh Local Government Association, Welsh Government and the twenty two Welsh Local Authorities.

Local Authorities are developing a strategic approach to the creation of a new generation of schools across Wales fit for the 21st Century.

A resource bank of Associate consultants was established to assist the Welsh Local Authorities with the following broad topics:

Act as a catalyst for best practice, and provide expertise and evidence from lessons learned
Encourage excellent teamwork within and between authorities
Provide constructive challenge and fresh ideas where necessary
Inspire local authorities and schools to achieve lasting beneficial change
In 2011 the resource bank of Associate consultants was disbanded and the work taken in-house by Welsh Government.

“For the Vision to have credibility it must demonstrate that it can make a real difference to the people and future of Yeovil. My key priority is to move projects from the “drawing board” to actual delivery thereby turning the Vision into a reality”.

Alan Brown