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Working in Association with Harrison Design Development Ltd, Alan Brown developed a “Regeneration Strategy” for the village community of Tumble.

Tumble is situated in the Gwendraeth Valley, Carmarthenshire with 71% of the population being Welsh speakers.

As a former mining community there has been industrial decline but the core of the village retains a small thriving retail centre including Tumble Hall which is a notable public building, that is owned and managed by Llannon Community Council.

Although substantial challenges lie ahead, our study demonstrated that in Tumble there are realistic opportunities to work in partnership and capitalize on some of the natural strengths and assets of the Village such the 250 acre Mynydd Mawr, Woodland Park.

The completed Regeneration Strategy document recommended the establishment of a Community Interest Company and proposed a set of projects to be delivered via a short, medium and long term business plan.

The Tumble Regeneration Steering group included representatives from the Llannon Community Council (client) Tumble Sports Association and Carmarthenshire County Council.

“BP D’Arcy Development has made a radical and long lasting difference to the local community in Neath by regenerating industry and more importantly, encouraging self sufficiency”.

Trevor Bates,
The Daily Telegraph