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Holywell Town Centre

Working as an Associate Consultant with Heritage Initiatives Limited, Alan Brown carried out a review of Holywell Town Centre.

The aim of the study commissioned by Flintshire CC was:

To seek to arrest the spiral of economic decline in Holywell Town Centre by creating evidence based solutions which were realistic and deliverable.

To ensure that future solutions met the aspirations of the Town Partnership and supported a long-term Action Plan and shared vision for the Town.

The completed report identified over twenty evidenced based reasons for the decline of the Town Centre.

The completed report recommended thirty five projects to halt further decline. For ease of reference and future funding applications the projects were built into a long term action plan grouped under the following five themes:

  • The Visitor Experience
  • The Changing Retail Offer
  • Streets and Movement
  • The Historic Environment
  • The Whole Town Approach

“BP D’Arcy Development has made a radical and long lasting difference to the local community in Neath by regenerating industry and more importantly, encouraging self sufficiency”.

Trevor Bates,
The Daily Telegraph