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One of the key challenges for Regeneration practitioners is to ensure that local people and communities become actively involved and prosper directly from the process of renewal.

The process of regeneration should always consider how best to create quality and sustainable job opportunities and ensure they are filled by local people who are supported by funding and training.

The nurturing of local entrepreneurial talent is also important, as apart from job creation benefits, their inspiration can often lead to the creation of community role models and a realisation that things can improve and be better.

During his career Alan has developed and led a wide range of job creation initiatives.

In the 1980’s Alan was directly involved with inward investment to Wales and then helped in the support and formation of local the Enterprise Agency movement as attention turned towards the creation of indigenous businesses.

Recently Alan has become involved in the rejuvenation of small town centres, measures to create a low carbon economy and the formation of Community Interest ventures.

“For the Vision to have credibility it must demonstrate that it can make a real difference to the people and future of Yeovil. My key priority is to move projects from the “drawing board” to actual delivery thereby turning the Vision into a reality”.

Alan Brown