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The average life cycle of a typical regeneration project from inception to completion is approximately 7 years.

Successful regeneration therefore requires a persistent and resolute attitude to cope with the “rollercoaster ride” of inevitable setbacks, delays and funding difficulties, which are encountered along the way.

The ability to provide innovative and creative regeneration solutions is essential as is working to tight timescales and building and leading effective multi disciplined teams which cross service or professional boundaries.

Alan has proven ability to move programmes and projects from the drawing board to physical delivery thereby turning Vision into Reality. His overall style of working is to foster a team approach to the delivery of programmes and projects thereby developing productive and open relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

As a qualified Chartered Surveyor and Regeneration Specialist much of Alan’s career has revolved around highly developed problem solving, negotiation and decision making, leading to the unlocking of latent development potential.

Alan’s experience and skills enables him to focus on the “critical path” and to project manage risk over the short, medium and long term.

From “lessons learned” Alan has gained a good understanding of the management of risks associated with the delivery of major capital projects and he is experienced in the use of various management methodologies to ensure programmes and projects are delivered on time and on budget.

“BP D’Arcy Development has made a radical and long lasting difference to the local community in Neath by regenerating industry and more importantly, encouraging self sufficiency”.

Trevor Bates,
The Daily Telegraph