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Community Fund

On behalf of BP D’Arcy Alan successfully developed and implemented a £1M Community Investment Programme.

The Fund was principally aimed at supporting community ventures which provided job creation opportunities thereby recognising the valuable contribution the community sector plays in providing people with their “first foot” on the ladder to full employment.

The Fund attracted Match Funding from a number of private and public bodies and provided financial support to over 20 Community Based Projects in the Swansea Bay area.

Two exemplar projects were:

“The BP D’Arcy Modern Apprenticeship Scheme“ which received a commendation from BP in their annual Helios Awards competition in recognition of outstanding achievement.

The Shaw Trust Physical Disabilities Centre - £1M new building project at Neath, which attracted substantial financial support from the National Lottery.

“For the Vision to have credibility it must demonstrate that it can make a real difference to the people and future of Yeovil. My key priority is to move projects from the “drawing board” to actual delivery thereby turning the Vision into a reality”.

Alan Brown