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BP D’Arcy Development Ltd

Chief Executive and Board Director of a wholly owned subsidiary company of British Petroleum.

The re-structuring of the BP Llandarcy Oil Refinery, Swansea in the 1980’s resulted in considerable job losses and was a blow to the local economy, already being impacted by closures in the coal and Steel industries.

BP D’Arcy, named after BP’s founder William Know D’Arcy, was established with the primary aim of creating new job opportunities.

BP D’Arcy became one of the UK’s largest corporate sponsored economic regeneration projects and its activities were considered a “benchmark” of best practice and replicated by British Petroleum at other UK and overseas locations.

In 1995 BP D’Arcy won the Daily Telegraph and British Telecom Business Champions Award and was voted the best UK Regeneration Project.

BP D’Arcy’s governance arrangements were unusual when the board was created because it had Five “A” Directors Representing the Shareholder, BP Oil UK Limited and five “B” Directors representing local community stakeholders.

“BP D’Arcy Development has made a radical and long lasting difference to the local community in Neath by regenerating industry and more importantly, encouraging self sufficiency”.

Trevor Bates,
The Daily Telegraph