About Alan Brown Associates

Alan Brown established ABA in 2009 in order to pursue his interest in community economic regeneration.

Since then his work has covered a wide portfolio of key regeneration issues including Affordable Housing, Community Asset Transfer, The Future of the High Street, Programme / Project Evaluation and Delivery, Leadership and Management in the Not for Profit Sector.

In a long career spanning twenty five years Alan has held many senior executive and non executive positions in both the private and public sectors including:

  • Chief Executive – BP D’Arcy Development Ltd
  • Programme Director – Yeovil Vision
  • Member of the Capital Advisory Group – Welsh Government

Alan’s work has been recognised as an exemplar of best practice leading to its replication in other parts of the UK and he particularly enjoys working in partnership to provide creative solutions to complex and difficult regeneration projects.

Alan is a Chartered Surveyor and is committed to a process of continuing professional development. He has a network of contacts and associates which enables him to add value to any assignment.

Alan is happy to work across the UK and his policy is to have a small number of quality engagements underway at any one time, which allows him to dedicate his time to clients.

“For the Vision to have credibility it must demonstrate that it can make a real difference to the people and future of Yeovil. My key priority is to move projects from the “drawing board” to actual delivery thereby turning the Vision into a reality”.

Alan Brown